Blending Human Intelligence With Machines In Data Analytics

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Do you believe you could be replaced by machines? Let me rephrase this! Are you feeling like you are being replaced by the machine? Do you also believe machines will exceed human performance? Well, my view is totally different. What about creating a proper combination between the man and the machine for data analytics solutions?

Majority of the Industries today are accelerated into data analytics. This has lead to many businesses realizing the necessity for an efficient and increased machine usage. There are mixed reactions though on whether the machines are able to understand the business logic. The loopholes identified in the machines should pave way for human middle-ware incorporation.

For Instance, a case of a major tech company that collects and curates publicly available data from multiple sources to provide competitor price intelligence services to E-Commerce companies, was looking for a partner to work on the value chain to provide services through well trained and highly available Human Intelligence. The tech company sorted for human intervention to rectify the unstructured data relating to the design of their dashboard.

As a way of improving system performance, the company needed a proper balance between their machine output and human input. The work involved matching single or multiple attributes such as brand, product, price, stock and images of the given account with that of single or many competitors.

This critical process included:

  • Data Mining that required the collection of data from internet across the globe for multiple domains.
  • Manual Curation of data for various attributes for different domains.
  • Data Collation, Cleansing and Standardization

How the company process was handled

It was clear that the processing power of the machine needed the reasoning power of the man. Desicrew team leveraged on their Human Intelligence capability obtained from past experience and operational excellence to:

  • Offer human observation on all major portals.
  • Explore the unstructured data, curate, collaborate and discover information dynamically.
  • Ensure high availability round the clock so as to complete the task at a faster Turn Around Time in order to cope up with the changes which are dynamically occurring in target portals.

Key benefits the company received due to Human Intervention

  • About 50 percent improvement in Turnaround Time (TAT) and wider time coverage
  • The best Human Intelligence support through qualified Engineering graduates who worked as an extended team of our client.
  • High-level accuracy
  • Approximately 40-50 percent reduction in cost
  • Less than 5 percent attrition and hence consistency in quality of service.

DesiCrews Human Intelligence ability helped improve the quality and usefulness of the tech company data. Through this engagement, the company was able to provide their customers’ better actionable insights that helped in understanding competition, monitor their brands, optimize offering and increase sales.

These case shows us that machines ingest, connect and recall information for humans to reason, judge and strategize. Therefore, augmenting human intelligence with the machines should shape data analytics and ignite productivity. Machines should allow humans to carry their tasks better and also help create more jobs for the man.

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