Our vision is to expand the economic boundaries from the urban to the rural areas in India, by leveraging local talent pools, providing a competitive advantage to our customers.

This vision emerged from the research work of our founder, which studied the pressures and inefficiencies of urban concentration of jobs. The idea of taking jobs to people rather than bringing people to jobs – tilted this issue on its head, allowing for the emergence of a unique, sustainable, profitable business model.


We believe that in bringing our vision to reality, we have a great opportunity to drive change in line with our core values. Our values are in effect, a charter that gives meaning to our business actions. At DesiCrew, we strive to:

  • To bridge urban rural gap through employment

    Why: In the growth wave of BPO jobs of the last decade, we found over 60% of the jobs in the IT/BPO space taken by youngsters from Tier 2 & Tier 3 towns. Half of them were below 25 years and half of that group was women.

    The country’s business growth was forcing its youth to migrate from smaller towns to urban centres – the pressures on efficiency and infrastructure of such a migration is well-known to all of us.

    Through this value, we flipped this problem on its head. We decided to drive jobs to people rather than other way around.

  • To plug the rural brain drain

    Why: The educated youth in smaller towns and rural India presented us with a very powerful talent base. We are committed to tap this talent pool and leverage their abilities for better business performance. When you look at our team members who run the entire gamut of our operations, you will find living testimonies of this value.

  • To tread the lesser-known path of our rural areas to improve local economic growth

    Why: India’s growth in the last 2 decades has made rural infrastructure and connectivity a welcome reality. While challenges remain, this value drives us to establish centres of productivity and excellence in smaller towns leading to better employment and growth prospects for the educated local talent pool. Provided with better career prospects closer to home without the struggles of migration, our people strive to deliver better performance thereby enhancing the value we in turn deliver to our customers.

    We believe that implementing our vision in adherence to our core business values, we are firmly positioned to drive higher business value and deeper social impact to all our stakeholders.