Digital Villages For Rural Women

Rural BPOs are investing in inclusize and accountable companies for sustainable development in India. This has greatly helped in creating meaningful opportunities that create better and [...]


Building Smart Communities Using Big Data

One of the most valuable resources in today's global village is data. Data can improve learning, help one try new practices and continuously improve their knowledge and skills. Data is a [...]


Collaboration Between Humans And Machines

The brainchild of Scottish inventor John Shepherd-Barron, the first ATM (automated teller machine) in the world was opened on June 27, 1967, at a branch of Barclays bank in Enfield, north London. [...]


After Graduation, What Next In Rural India?

How would you feel if you were given an opportunity to work in a village? For Arthi Varatharajan, it was a dream come true scenario. She is thrilled to be part of the Kollumangudi team of [...]


Developing Rural India

Source The journey from Chennai city to the village of Kollumangudi took us six hours. On the way, I enjoyed the beautiful eco-system and the spectacular scenery. DesiCrew's Kollumangudi center [...]