Business Model

DesiCrew’s services and operations are based on the Impact sourcing model. We think of it as a hybrid model which offers top-notch; professional services which are economically and qualitatively viable and valuable to the client while simultaneously being socially responsible by creating jobs in rural and semi-urban areas. We have the core management team that is based out of Chennai and 3 delivery centers located in rural Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

The benefits that this model offers to the stakeholders - Customers and Employees are manifold.

For the customer- the obvious benefit is the economics of it all. At DesiCrew, we also have a healthy knowledge transfer method that ensures a smooth transition to our team and an assurance of helping the customer reach their business goals, thus taking the pressure of their internal team. To know more about our value proposition, click here.

For the Employee - the key benefit is having access to a skilled job without needing to migrate. By continuing to work and live in locations with lower living costs gives them an added financial advantage for working with us. Added to that is their being part of an organization where their growth and learning is guaranteed to constantly increase, thus increasing their individual employability factor. DesiCrew being an open and transparent company, they will also be able to be part of organization level policy and decision making discussions. To know about the growth stories of some of our employees, click here.