"How is DesiCrew different from its peers in the market?". This is a question we often get asked. And the short answer to that question - Capability. We find that when our competitors talk about their strengths, they mainly refer to the size of their organizations. At DesiCrew, we too talk about our growth but not just in terms of our size, but also in our understanding of customer requirements, our skills, our learnings and hence our capability. Some of our strengths that have helped us propel this growth constantly are:

We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. Each of our processes is tailored to fit the requirement of every customer. Our team’s aptitude to learn quickly helps us offer an array of services. This flexibility also stems from our embracing of technology to help us go the distance. We are habituated to responding rapidly to changing requirements, compressed timelines and unpredictable market circumstances. For example, we have the ability to setup a fully functional delivery center to meet customer requirements, in 6-8 weeks, across any geography.

By virtue of adopting the Impact Sourcing model, our services are more economical than an urban BPO. We are able to leverage on the lower costs of the twin pillars of Real Estate and Infrastructure that are available in rural India and thereby pass this on to our customers.

At DesiCrew, we constantly strive to keep our service levels at top quality across the board. We constantly met and exceeded of our customer SLAs. As an organization we are in pursuit of the Six Sigma certification and use its parameters to benchmark our processes. We maintain robust MIS for all processes, to make sure that we measure and maintain our performance and quality levels at optimum standards.

Risk & Infrastructure
Our approach to risk management is at two levels - The organization level and the individual level. Every process has its own BCP (Business Continuity Plan) which is discussed with and approved by the customer at the time of transition. Apart from this we have a DR (Disaster Recovery) system in place to make sure that there is no loss of data for any of the processes. A stable workforce is also the key to managing data & process risks - At DesiCrew we have negligible attrition rates thereby reducing information security risks. We have also initiated the process of ISMS certification.