A fundamental but mandatory feature of the BPO industry is that an organization must have multiple locations to carry out its varied processes. It ties in with another essential feature, that of a BCP. A multi-site arrangement not only helps us offer the customer continuity in the operations, but also a greater level of agility to quickly adapt to changes in the market.

We currently have 4 locations across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka thereby making available a larger pool of resources and therefore more skills to the customer. We also have project locations spread across 10 more states of India, where we have setup and executed both short-term and long-term projects for clients based on their need.

This ability to quickly expand workforce has helped us create value both for the client as well as employable youth in these regions. A varied geography also helps us offer multi-lingual options to our customers who are looking for vernacular language support. Having established ourselves in these regions, we have the capability to rapidly setup new centers if the need arises.

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