People Stories


Soon after graduating out of a BCA course, Kamali a young girl from a modest village in Tamil Nadu joined DesiCrew in the year 2010. Her job with DesiCrew gave her, the first exposure to the outside world, when she had to undergo a 4-month training at Koodal. Upon completion of the training, she and her team were presented with a gold coin as a token of appreciation and motivation. The training helped her get a fresh perspective of life, enabled her to understand the importance of teams and more importantly instilled confidence in her.

For the next one year, she was entrusted the job of leading a team in Vilupuram. This role created new opportunities for her and enabled her to make key decisions. She represented her team and realized the leadership potential in her. In the year 2013, her career progressed further and she got an opportunity to get trained and work for Infosys, one of the reputed names in Indian industry. Here worked with world-class clients and fairly large manage teams.

Her journey with DesiCrew and beyond, has helped her transform into a successful professional and a confident human being.


Shanmuganathan hails from Athani village in Erode district, which is about 6 KMs from Apakoodal centre. He completed Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering was looking to work, earn money and support his family. He started working in Bangalore as a Java developer. But he could not continue in the city and decided to move back to his village. He learnt about DesiCrew and attended the interview with us and got selected for the insurance process unit. The work environment at DesiCrew offered him experienced seniors and mentors who guide him at every step. He was a strong team player willing to learn, stretch and handle critical escalations and has received several appreciations for his work. Currently he is a team leader handling few of the critical processes in the centre. DesiCrew not only strengthened his confidence levels, but also his social stature. It earned him a lot of respect among his villagers, friends, family and relatives. He received Yali award for his exceptional performance and today is a role model for many aspiring youngsters. He is proud to serve the people from his village and is glad to be an integral part of the DesiCrew journey. His father is a truck-driver and his mother is a house wife. He now makes his parents proud. His dream is to have a DesiCrew centre in every village in India, to uplift the lives of youngsters like him.


It was when she was going through a difficult personal situation, that Vidhya, a timid village girl, came to know about DesiCrew. Her determination to turn around her personal situation and to embark upon a challenging career drove her to join DesiCrew’s D-Touch training programme in 2010. The training and experience helped her develop her personality, gave her confidence and made her a more effective communicator. Due to her diligence and hard work, she also received a medal and certificate of appreciation for 100% attendance during her training. She joined as an intern for the insurance process unit, servicing the Kollumangudi and Apakoodal village. She now continues her higher studies pursuing a B.Sc. Mathematics and has been able to support her own education. She feels proud to be associated with DesiCrew which has not only given her personal and financial independence, but also enabled her to succeed in her personal and professional life. Vidhya is now a livewire for Apakoodal and an asset for DesiCrew.


When an individual with a positive attitude, flexibility and hardworking nature is presented with the right opportunity, it results in a successful career. Baskarasundaram a B.A Economics graduate from AVC College Mayiladuthurai, is a standing example for this. He joined DesiCrew in 2009, as an intern at their Kollumangudi location. He later moved to Chennai joining the insurance process and worked there for 1.5 years. His versatility, and flexibility and hard work helped him shine in all his assignments and provided him unparalleled experience and exposure in the insurance business. Baskarasundaram is today an expert in the insurance processes. His experience here at DesiCrew not only enables him to create standard operating processes for the team and replicate client processes at DesiCrew but also taught him people management skills, motivating and improving the performance of his employees. He takes great pride in working for DesiCrew and attributes his success to his organization.


Shakthi is now a team leader for one of the most critical processes at DesiCrew. She was always an ambitious dreamer. After she graduated in 2010 with a BCA degree, having a stable job meant financial independence and supporting the family. DesiCrew was the right platform for her to demonstrate her capabilities and fulfill her ambitions. Working with DesiCrew taught her how to be responsible and to handle her finances. She learnt how to interact with co-workers and work with different types of clients. She followed phenomenal work ethics such as punctuality, respect to policies and procedures, and demonstrated a high degree of professionalism. She transitioned 2 processes from Bangalore and was responsible for her team’s performance in the client location. She says she has learnt real life skills working with DesiCrew for 3 years. She has evolved to become a confident individual. Her professionalism and work quality has been appreciated and commended by the clients. She recalls her first day at DesiCrew as a very nervous experience for her and her co-workers. She is grateful to DesiCrew for shaping her career into a meaningful, successful and an enjoyable experience. She continues to relish every step of her growth story here at DesiCrew.