The services we offer at DesiCrew range from data management to customer experience. Being pioneers in the Impact Sourcing space, we have been able to develop a work model where we have the capacity to deliver superior quality service at very reasonable costs. Throughout our journey we have had the opportunity to work with a diverse set of clients ranging from the world's largest Internet companies to the top Indian organizations to heavy-duty government project. Some of the key value adds that we offer in our services:

  • Depending on the project requirement and duration, we have the capability to bring in the right skill set and scale in operations.
  • We always meet and exceed the client expectations in delivery.
  • Our processes and business model are flexible and agile to ensure that the business outcome is met - no matter what.
  • Our personal relationship with the client keeps us completely connected to the outcome being delivered.

While we pride ourselves in delivering top quality services, we ensure that this delivery happens responsibly and bring about maximum social impact. Every client project that DesiCrew works on, adds to the economic and social betterment of the people at our rural centers.

So if you want excellent service delivery at reasonable costs coupled with immense social impact, you must get in touch with us at DesiCrew.

To know more about our services read our individual sections on Data Management Services, Digital Supply Chain Management Services and Customer Experience Services.