Social Audit

DesiCrew believes that it is not enough just to deliver value to customers and shareholders, but also we have a responsibility towards social upliftment. Towards that we conduct formal reviews of our endeavours in social responsibility and it is quintessential for us to be transparent about reporting our review findings.

For a period of 1 year between October 1st 2009 and 30th September 2010, a review of our social impact was conducted. The primary objective of was to assess the internal developments including the monitoring and evaluation systems, the social impact of our work and highlight the social commitment of the organization through external verification. A steering committee was setup from across locations and at different levels within the organization. Below are some of the key findings of the review.

  • DesiCrew has been able to move work from urban areas to rural areas successfully, thereby complementing the education/skill sets available rather than promoting migration.
  • Conversion rates from internal training programs have been significant, demonstrating that there is a good demand supply situation in the business areas where DesiCrew operates.
  • The workforce is motivated and involved with the drive to achieve more. The attrition rates are lower than the industry average.
  • Many home makers are also now able to acquire 'white collar' skills participate in the knowledge economy impacting domestic power equations.
  • DesiCrew has been able to scale up the BPO model to other untapped workforce groups, although this is still in a nascent stage.
Social Audit