Customer Segment: Education Technology



Our Customer is a Seattle-based global education technologies company that develops, integrates and implements learning environments. As a part of the transition and standardisation process, they was a need to convert their content to multiple formats. This led to misalignment of content, which led to fall in customer satisfaction and negative user experience.


The customer needed a team that could meticulously make right the errors that had occurred, without altering the essence of the modules. The team had to be both attentive to detail and have a basic domain knowledge to carry out the task.


Working remotely, DesiCrew started a 15-member team which was certified by the customer based in Seattle. While the transition was smmoth and SLAs were being met, the customer had to scale-up the volume within the first 4 months of Operations.

With the academic season around the corner, there was a need to undertake a huge volume of pages/slides. The productivity was doubled, with the team size extending to 150 resources working on a 24/7 schedule. DesiCrew created a factory-model work flow to ensure that the ramp-up did not affect the quality of the output.

Customer Advantage

The customer was able to handle the unscheduled spike in Volume, without any backlog of content. DesiCrew ensured that trained resources were readily available, to handle the inflow, without any compromise on quality and TAT.

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