What is Training Data For AI?

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What is Training Data For AI?


Compared to the thrill of exploring the endless possibilities a machine learning model brings to your business, the programming side of AI is quite tedious. Though it can be tempting to leave the finer points of training to your data scientists, training data  is essential for the development of any machine learning model. The data which you use defines your project; hence, a clear understanding of how it works will significantly improve your chances of success. Let’s know what training data is before diving into its world and its importance.


 What is the training data?

Training data is the source that teaches AI about its assigned task. There are several ways in which AI will use training data; to improve the accuracy of its predictions. These are done through the variables contained within the data. By identifying and testing their impact on the algorithm, data scientists will be able to strengthen the AI through copious adjustments. The best of the data will be the one that is extremely rich in detail and can improve your AI.


Most of the training data for AI will have pairs of input information and corresponding labeled answers, which are known as ‘Target’. In many fields, it will also have highly relevant tags to help your AI; make more accurate predictions. However, datasets for different machine learning tasks generally look very different from each other due to the presence of variables and relevant details in the training process.

Some basic examples are:-


  • Sentiment Analysis:-

 Training data is usually composed of various inputs such as sentences, reviews or tweets; with a label showing whether that piece of text is positive or negative.




The ambience is great!

Positive sentiment

Not a fan of cricket, though.

Negative sentiment


  • Spam detection:-

The input is either an email or a text message, where the label would provide information about whether the message is spam or not spam.






It is confirmed that the meeting will be held at 12.00.

Not spam

This miracle pill can burn fat fast!!


  • Text categorization:-

Sentences serve the input while the target suggests the topic of the sentence, such as finance or law.






The champions were two goals up at half-time, despite an early red card


The terms of this contract shall be considered null and void, if a new agreement is concluded between lessor and lessee.



Why is training data important?

To say in simple words, without training data there is no AI. Your data’s cleanliness, relevance, quality, etc.have a direct impact on the outcome of your AI. Consider training data for AI parallel to a human’s way of learning. A student having an outdated textbook with more than half the pages missing may find it extremely difficult to pass the course. Similarly, without the availability of quality data, your AI will either not work or learn to do its job randomly. Your AI deserves the best data, with all the detailed tags and relevant annotations. Only then your AI project will be able to shoot your business into the next level.


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