How Artificial Intelligence Solutions help your business

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How Artificial Intelligence Solutions help your business

It was Oil, which was the driving force in the 20th century of the global economy. The 21st century changed it all. It is data, which is the king. The digital world erupted in the world of data. As per a study conducted by International Data Corporation, the total amount of data on the planet doubles and quadruples every two years and is expected to reach about 40 petabytes by 2020. The exponential growth is driven by machine-generated data with its share of about 40%.

Data is useless, if it is not correctly structured and analysed. Gigantic volumes of untapped information must be appropriately structured and used for analysis. These huge volumes of data are usually called big data, and they create opportunities for artificial intelligence and its subset Machine learning. Machine Learning, just like the human brain, works on how patterns work and relationships are formed. Machine learning is implemented through deep learning, a technique that is based on artificial neural networks. In other words, artificial intelligence is a concept; machine learning is an approach for achieving AI, while deep learning is the actual technique for implementing AI.

Artificial Intelligence: A booming need

Artificial Intelligence or AI is currently one of the hottest technology trends in the market that have invaded the business scenario in current years. The technology can easily empower computers to replicate human intelligence reliably, and it has opened new frontiers for businesses that can take advantage of AI-powered applications to automate their business processes and operations, in turn, driving in growth and efficiency.

Today with a combination of software with advanced algorithms and high-performance hardware, it is the much-needed boost to the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Large corporations all over the world like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are much ahead of the curve when it comes to research and implementation of AI. Many smaller corporations are also expected to follow suit to tap into AI. AI has the power to transform multiple industries right from the financial sector to healthcare and real estate and can help businesses to solve multiple problems, bring in financial benefits, and improve efficiency.

How Artificial Intelligence helps Finance

Financial technology has always been open to innovation, with Banks being one of the foremost who began to use AI for automating many processes. Cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding, and online payments are making a splash. Some of the biggest benefits of AI are:

  1. Safer trading: spotting trading patterns, analysing, and adapting to ever-changing markets.
  2. Fraud Prevention and detection of frauds.
  3. Making better Personalized investment plans

How Artificial Intelligence helps Marketing

Since the goal of marketing is to boost sales and launch profit-generating campaigns, it is required for making decisions based on huge amounts of business data and analytics, and this is where AI comes in handy and is surely going to become the cornerstone of marketing. Here are some advantages of AI.


  1. Automating repetitive tasks
  2. Increasing sales through images and videos
  3. Better and faster content generation

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Support

 Companies face many challenges when they provide customer service. As per Forbes, companies lose about $60 billion each year due to poor customer experience. Though the figures may be frightening, a positive customer experience helps build trust and creates brand awareness. AI provides best solutions such as

  1. Handling multiple customers at a time
  2. More effective phone support
  3. Increase Satisfaction, Improved Response Times, plus Streamlined Support.

Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate

Real estate has always been a challenging industry. Buyers want the best locations with all amenities, cleaner areas, better safety, and in most cases-lower prices. AI helps real estate agents and property owners do a better and faster job as consumers get what they want at the end of the year-long search.

  1. Better and faster communication
  2. Automate property valuation
  3. Promote better rental bookings

Artificial Intelligence in Retail

  Sales are said to be the backbone of a modern free market. As per studies, global retail sales are expected to reach about many trillions, and with the growing number of internet users, it is a large piece of pie for marketing who are racking their brains trying to boost online sales and attract more customers.

Here is how AI can help

  1. Provide relevant product recommendations
  2. Provide customer engagement.
  3. Provide better insights.

There is no doubt that AI will find its place in the industry and everyday life. The pros of artificial intelligence are obvious, so businesses should realize it is high time to opt for AI. If you have ideas or questions about artificial intelligence, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We, at Desi crew, believe in delivering best-in-class performance to our clients by developing applications that specifically cater to their requirements and maximize their ROI by automating business operations. Our expertise extends to an entire range of AI technologies that include Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, speech recognition, Training Data for AI , and more. We design powerful solutions that integrate seamlessly with the client’s business model that fuels its growth in its way. At DesiCrew, we believe that communication is key to growth and development. Also, we understand our responsibilities concerning your contact details residing with us.


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