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A not long time has passed since artificial intelligence sounded like a topic from an unimaginable, science fiction movie. Today machine learning has become one of the main driving forces behind almost all the technological advancements used by people daily. One of the main accessible applications of machine learning is Image tagging.

Image tagging uses deep learning. This is a machine learning method designed similar to a human brain. Image tagging services is the process of teaching computers to recognize the visual elements within an image. These are done by adding a ‘label’ or ‘tag’ to an image based on the figures within it. These are generally done as an image cannot be observed well without a label or tags. Labels or tags help users to have better access over a particular image. Let’s see how it works as well as how companies benefit from it.

How Companies Benefit From Image Tagging

A company benefits from image tagging in two ways: –

1) How quickly they organize images

2) How accessible their images become to users.

The time saved over a label/tag/keyword is huge. Any user can find what he needs with keywords.

For example, imagine a company receives a large number of digital photos. A lot of sorting and organizing will be required in order to make them operational for the team members. The images should have been tagged before all this process. Without proper software, all these keywords would have been manually applied by the company. But with image tagging, tons of hours are saved as it can automatically analyze and tag.

Image tagging produces both keywords and secondary keywords. It can categorize the keywords by strength, thus can easily rank the keywords either by a percentage or decimal.

There are so many companies out there having countless images yet facing trouble to search them. It reflects that image tagging is a helpful and necessary organization tool.



At Desicrew, excellence is a part of our service. We are always prepared to provide constant support and have timely access to quick and efficient tagging of your vast database of images and videos videos with the relevant terms.

Here is a list of some of the benefits that you will get from DesiCrew’s Image tagging Service:

  • Dedicated resources to make you understand what your image tagging project needs are going to be.
  • Best, user-friendly Image tagging solution from the beginning to the end.
  • A perfect solution for companies who want to promote, publish their image digitally or online.
  • Improvised ranks on search engines with our SEO enabled Tagging Services.
  • Flexible image data solutions for all business-like multiple image merging, scanned image data entry, online and offline storage capabilities, format conversion, data entry, image archiving, etc.

 Some of the Image tagging data services that we provide:

  • Image Capturing
  • Image Sorting
  • Image Database
  • Image Keying and Cataloguing
  • Format Conversation
  • Metadata Addition
  • Image Data Entry into Preferred File Format
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