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We made remote work possible in remote areas. 

We are truly living in a world where any moment can be a reminder
for us to band together to overcome challenges and complexities. 

The situation surrounding the coronavirus outbreak continues to
spread further, and we at Desicrew have taken multiple measures to ensure its minimal impact
on our employees. 


Challenges faced by Desicrew :

Delivery centres in rural areas where farming/harvesting is the primary source of livelihood and with employees who are intellectually adept, yet economically weak and technologically challenged, the biggest challenge we faced was enabling the work from home policy.
With most of our workforce not being accustomed to smartphones and desktops being the only mode of communication with them, we had to manage 1000 employees, 5 rural centres and 1 head office.

Key initiatives taken by Desicrew in the context of COVID-19: 

A mail from our CEO:

All across the globe, people and countries are battling the
COVID-19. India is entering a crucial phase, and the Governments and industries have listed
various precautionary measures for the workplace. At Desicrew, we are able to work as a team
to manage this. The first priority for all of us is to ensure the safety and well-being of
ourselves and our families. We are also concerned about uninterrupted service delivery for
our clients. Our clients rely on our services, and we are committed to keeping them running

Our employees are from rural areas. Our centers are the only
place where WiFi connection is available to them. 

Starting today, we would be encouraging our crewmates to work
from home, wherever it is feasible. Arrangements are being made to ensure the availability
of hardware, connectivity, and data security so that we can continue our work from home. We
are working very closely with all our clients to enable this model.

A lot of planning and coordination is involved in implementing
seamless delivery for the clients and ensuring data security aspects. Some of the key points

  • VPN client installation
  • Smartphone availability
  • Smartphone testing
  • Wireless card testing
  • Data card requirement
  • Dispatch of machines
  • Power backup
  • Form signing
  • Data pack
  • Keyboard/ Mouse
  • Spike Buster

At this point, we are aiming at 75% of our crewmates to work from
home in the next two days. We would review the situation at the end of the month as per the
advisory from the Governments and clients.

At the outset, I would like to communicate through this email
that Desicrew would continue its service delivery, commitment to its people, and the society
in the same manner as we have been doing since inception. This means that each one of us is
committed to our areas of operations. Delivery excellence must be maintained for clients. HR
would continue to process payroll and reviews would happen at the usual timeframes.

I request your support and cooperation to manage this transition
well. In addition to the DNEXT leaders, we have also formed the Management Advisory Team to
cater to the issues at the individual centers. The team is meeting through daily calls to
review and plan for new situations. You can reach out to any of us in case of any unresolved

J K Manivannan 

CEO Desicrew


Yes, we did it! 

The Desicrew solution’s ecosystem gave a unified collaborative
experience across mobile and web platforms without having to compromise on security,
productivity, and quality. In just a few days, we set everything in motion, packed our bags,
and headed home with the confidence that we had the online infrastructure to back us

Business at the Times of COVID19 


How we took responsibility to send our trainees homes safely?

15 resources from Gujarat were in TNP for training since Feb
2020. Amidst the COVID-19 panic, they were sent back on 21st March 2020. All the team
members reached their homes safely and expressed their gratitude towards us for making
arrangements to send them home safely and timely. They had their first experience of
traveling by air, and they all were super excited. Please go through the WhatsApp messages
sent by the teammates.

My name is Nishad Muchhadiya, and I am one of the lucky ones that got the chance to attend the Desicrew company's training that was held last week in Tamilnadu. I found your training to be too theoretical with practical knowledge. I was honestly expecting hands-on training. The training was absolutely superb, and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it. The material was very interesting, and the discussions were truly inspiring. I particularly enjoyed the visual illustrations, which made the content easily understandable. Thank you so much for making us travel by air. Our first flight was COIMBATORE TO CHENNAI, and the second flight was CHENNAI TO AHMEDABAD. It was very comfortable and fast. Once again I thank Desicrew company so much!

My first air journey was so enjoyable and good. My colleagues and I really enjoyed this journey and will never forget these memories. I will surely recommend this training to all my colleagues and friends. I would like to attend future training organized or featured by you. And special thanks to AKRSPI and DESICREW Company for giving us the opportunity.
Nishad Muchhadiya.
Hey everyone
Good evening!
My name is Balas Dinesh, and I'm from Madhavpur Ghed, District Porbandar. I was traveling from Coimbatore to Ahmedabad by air. I entered the airport in the morning at 8 o'clock. It was a fantastic feeling. This was my first experience to sit in a plane. I'm filling proud and excited. At airport, I went through a medical checkup and it was all fine. I've reached to home at 3:00 Am safely. Thank you so much, Desicrew team and Akrspi Yuva junction Madhavpur/ Mangrol. These are memorable moments for me that I’ll never forget.
Thank you a lot
All Desicrew family
Balas Dinesh.
Good evening everyone
My name is Snehal Jethva. I am from Veraval of Gir Somnath district. First of all, thanks to Desicrew and AKRSPI. I would like to thank the Desicrew team for providing us a safe home. This was my first experience. My journey was good. I arrived at 1:30 am at home safely. Thank you, Desicrew for taking us home safely. Thank you, Desicrew team and AKRSPI Yuva junction Maliya.
Thank you,
Snehal Jethva..
Good evening everyone
My name is Rambhi Pithiya. I am from Mangrol Taluka of Junagadh district. I was happy to go home, but also sad to suddenly leave Tamilnadu. My first flight experience was good. Desicrew team has not let me have any trouble in Tamilnadu, so I thank them. They became like a family for us, and it was a feeling of leaving our family here. Thank you Desicrew team and Yuva junction team for giving me this wonderful opportunity.
Your faithfully
Rambhi Pithiya.
Good evening everyone.
My name is Pooja Pithiya. I am from Mangrol taluka of Junagadh district. I went to Tamilnadu for training. And I reached home safely by air. First of all, I want to thank Desicrew and AKRSPI for getting me home safely. This was my first experience of going out of Gujrat. And, it has been very enjoyable. It was sad to leave Tamilnadu suddenly. Desicrew thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity.
Thank you
Pooja Pithiya.
Hello, Good afternoon, everyone.
My name is Pooja Goswami. First of all, thanks to Desicrew and AKRSPI for providing us a safe home. This was my first experience. My journey was great, and I had a lot of fun in this trip. I also had the pain of leaving Tamilnadu and the joy of going home. I would like to thank AKRSPI and Desicrew for giving me this opportunity, and the Desicrew team had not let me have any trouble in Tamilnadu.
Thank you
Pooja Goswami.
Hello, Good Afternoon, everyone.
I'm Divyesh Kamariya, and I am from Mangrol of Junagadh District. I was traveling from Coimbatore to Ahmedabad by air. I entered the airport in the morning at 8 o'clock. We reached 11 o'clock at Chennai. It was amazing. This is my first experience. It is so good. At the airport medical checkup was done, and it was all fine. I arrived at 1:30 am at home safely. Thank you, Desicrew for taking us home safely. Thank you, Desicrew team and AKRSPI Yuva junction Mangrol.
Thank you
Divyesh Kamariya.
Good afternoon madam my name is Shital.
First of all, thank you very much, Desicrew and AKRSPI for giving me this opportunity. We were very well equipped in Tamilnadu from living to training. Training part two, English communication and process image annotation trained by Mohan sir and Rubala to all. Both are very well trained in this process. There were three sections of this process provided practice in different ways additional training was also required more than learn this process and I didn't have any problems with the whole process. We are also sad to say that I could not get enough training. But, I have learned a lot. And finally, the decision on the Coronavirus is heart touching, as everyone reached home safely. Thank you so much to the whole team in Tamilnadu for helping us. A feeling of the family was felt.
Hello, everyone, I'm Bhavisha from Gujrat. I went for training in Desicrew. My training has been started on the 17th of February. First, they introduced all the staff, and they told us about their post after that they took our interview. Nagaraj Sir has undertaken our English communication class. Every day, he was taking a class on a new topic. His teaching was too good. Thank you so much, Nagaraj sir, for teaching me to pronounce properly. After that, we have to learn about the process, i.e., Image Annotations. It was our first process, and the team leader of the process was Mohan Sir. He is a supportive natured and positive thinking person. He always encouraged us to do best, and Rubala madam was our QC. We girls were too close to her. Her nature was also helpful. Whenever we faced problem in anything; she always tried to encourage us. We faced the problem with hotel food. It was too difficult to manage. Then we told them about our Gujarati recipe, and they catered tasty food thereafter. We were staying there as a paying guest. Our caretaker aunt was too caring for us. HR of the Desicrew, Indrani Mam was too supportive and dedicated. Whenever we needed help; she never said no. We learned so many things from Desicrew Company. I'll always be thankful to this company for giving me the opportunity to travel with flight for the first time. We never thought that we were coming back by flight. But the COVID-19 virus has come, and we had to comeback. I request you to give me another chance to come back to Tamil Nadu. Because of coronavirus, they deport us our home safely thanks to the company and all the staff.
I always remember my experience with you. Thanks a lot to Desicrew!

Client appreciation for working from home operations

Our teams have received confirmation from the following clients during the Work From Home operation.

Dear Team,

Thanks for the Great support in this trying time. Desicrew Approved count is 27K. This count is not easy in this situation; it is really appreciated!

Thanks to the entire team.

Good show Desicrew, well done on all your hard work on high productivity. Good job, Desicrew team, each of your productive users have contributed significantly. Good show, keep it up!

Subject: FW: Update - C DISCOUNT overdue

You have done a fantastic job by ensuring completion of work timely within stringent timelines, resulting in Customer Delight! Keep up the good work team.

Mohammed Kapadia
GBS Partner: Infosys

And more from our GM – well done again!

Super work on this key business measure, especially in the current context. Very well done to all of you involved: MF team, Charlotte, Juliette, TPMS! Benjamin

Well done, Team Desicrew!
Dear Team Desicrew,
On behalf of Zomato, I would like to extend our appreciation for the fantastic turnaround and efficient handling of Zomato market (grocery stores) and Australia launch menus. The team has digitized more than 450 menus within a span of two days. It is a commendable feat to achieve these numbers with the limited bandwidth, lack of knowledge of the new peoduct, and the overall COVID outbreak scenario. The entire content team is simply amazed by the endless hours that you have put in to make this possible!

Your resilience and dedication is truly a source of inspiration for all of us here at Zomato. I’m sure we’ll continue achieving such milestones as you make it seem so easy.

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