Artificial Intelligence AI Trends Alert: What to expect in the New Year 2020

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Last year had seen notable breakthroughs in AI (Artificial Intelligence), which included innovation in algorithms and advances in categories. Then what can be expected in the year 2020? Well, it seems that innovations will continue to be made at a rapid pace throughout, and here is a look at what you are expected to see.


 The year 2020 will be more of a year of practical AI where using cool technology can solve annoying routine problems. Business leaders are calibrating on their ambitions, with just about 4% of them intending to scale AI across the organization. AI will continue to grow, build, and adapt from highly personalized markets and bridge borders to all possible places on the planet.


 Deep Learning will go industrial: There are dedicated DL chipsets which are bound to accelerate trial and error opportunities across the globe. Across multiple industries, they are allowing diverse fields to build new models and AI solutions, playing an essential role in solving real-world data problems.


 AI will remain one of the main-stream recommendation engines in the industrial sector: In energy management, in particular, it will be seen as a huge opportunity. Facility managers can make accurate consumption predictions based on Artificial Intelligence, which enables them to take timely action to reduce unplanned consumption pikes through rescheduling or by switching off non-critical loads. AI technology will take industrial simulation to the next level, thus helping to locate unstable areas of the grid, and increasing the safety of workers in the field.


 AI for augmentation: This year, a tectonic shift will be seen in the tech world as AI will not only be used to drive in automation but also be used for augmentation purposes. Though dynamic input and feedback, which at its core is still performed best by humans, cannot be replaced by AI. In those cases, AI can be ideally suited to augment, not to replace human jobs. 


 Metadata will gain prominence: Many companies have faced privacy lawsuits from consumers and governments due to overzealous data analysis, which in turn has led to even stricter laws. Businesses will be turning to metadata to make insights in 2020 rather than analyzing actual data. 

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