Digital Marketing and AI in 2020

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The world is progressing digitally. We saw voice search optimization, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and machine learning prevailing in 2019. Earlier, these were the things known by rare groups only. But, today, we’re well aware of AI and how it’s taking over all the areas of our life. Be it a medical field or engineering, science, or business; it is used everywhere. It has made lives more comfortable than ever. Let’s see how it will affect digital marketing in 2020.  


 AI solution with Voice Search Domination:


 It is estimated that in 2020 more than 50% of searches will be voice searches. Conversational AI helps in it. Whatever you ask, the voice search engine gives the best possible answer. Machine learning makes it possible. Conversational AI is developing faster to give users better search results. Conversational AI solutions and voice search dramatically changed SEO. Chatbots, messaging apps, and voice assistants that conversationally provide direct answers are examples of AI.  


 AI with Data Analysis Domination


 AI has immense power to generate data of potential buyers in accord with their emotions, culture, trust, interest, and intuition. It helps in decision making to make a purchase. With the help of AI, buyers can only see the data of their interest. People would be rendering row to row of complex data in its absence. It analyzes conversion rates and clicks, resulted through an email marketing campaign, and recommends the best time to send the next newsletter. It increases conversion rates leads to more leads and sales.


 AI with Content Creation Domination


 AI is helping marketers by creating and delivering the required content. We can see such kind of AI-created content on Yahoo and Fox. It isn’t effortless to create quality content as it needs research, knowledge, and time. But, AI is making this task easier for marketers. It can be trained to deliver relevant, engaging content. Now marketers can get well-customized content for each customer. We can see how chatbots are handling customer relationships 24×7 smartly by giving real-time solutions to all the queries of customers.



AI with Modern Advertising Domination 


Data analysis and customer relationships are becoming crucial for digital marketing. Modern advertising uses AI to optimize campaigns through data analysis of customer interaction. It is helpful in ad creation. AI enables advertisers to have control over campaign structures. They can also control the ways how the campaign runs on the network. Two kinds of AI are used on social platforms and as third party tools now: 



  • Natural Language Generation
  • Natural Language Processing



AI is essential for today’s marketing. It helps advertisers to be in the competition and win. It helps them to understand their customers’ buying behavior as AI can read massive data related to the customers’ preferences, interests, and everything related to them. In short, if you are a business person who is making efforts to reach your potential customers, then you can leave it on AI solutions. It is the synonyms for the words efficiency, productivity, and profitability. 

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