Evolving Ai Apps Across Industries In The Year 2020

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The future of the workplace is secured in the hands of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data intelligence, etc. These technologies have already promised several transformations for better and increased productivity at AI mission learning development company through several factors such as prioritizing safety, empowering efficiency prioritizing safety, constrained time, etc. So far, some of the developing technology applications of AI are: 


  •  Robotics
  •  Automated safety checks
  •  Autonomous haulage
  •  Enhanced manufacturing
  •  Automated timesheets




 The model of AI technologies at the various workplace in today’s date is enhancing productivity through multiple forms such as by improving: 


  • Safety
  • Proficiency
  • Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Systemization
  • Automation of work


Apart from these, mining, cargo assembling, logistics of heavy metal, etc., are some of the operations of AI applications that are emerging to decrease the risks at the workplace. These are implied and incorporated for the various benefits of the employee, such as their satisfaction levels, free time, increased quality time, empowering work architecture, and productivity. Data visualization and 3D work planning are also being executed within the new work strategies for better productivity.

Let’s have a look at the evolving AI technologies powered by most of the industries: 



Robots are machines that are programmable by computers that are capable of carrying out various series of complex actions automatically. They can either be guided by an external device or can be controlled within. Despite their multiple advantages, the main benefit that robots provide is safety. There are specific tasks that can be risky and dangerous if done by humans. Works that involve actions with heavy machines and metals are too critical that they can even cost your life. In operations like this, the robots not just provide safety but also improve the speed to increase productivity and the satisfaction of the employees. Robots are known to be more consistent at performing their work than humans. This helps robots not just to focus and multitask but to detect minute, microscopic mistakes while doing operations. That is why robots are assigned mostly in tedious and repetitive jobs, which humans often find harder and longer to do.

The concept of robots at the workplace is only in the initial stage. Some applications where robots are being widely used are logistics and supply chain management used while shipping heavy metals/machinery and during the manufacturing of transportation machines, etc. 




The advanced, comprehensive fleet management system specially designed for mines and mining operations is known as the Autonomous Haulage System (AHS). These systems are centrally controlled through a wireless network. Many services are integrated by this technology at AI Mission learning development company, including:


  • *Machines with vehicle controllers
  • *Sensor systems for object identification/detection
  • *Geospatial technology for better mapping and routing
  • *AI-powered, self-driving systems, etc.


There are many benefits of using this autonomous haulage system at mining, such as-


  1. To increase the efficiency in productivity
  2. To improve the safety measures
  3. To decrease the number of accidents
  4. For a better time management system
  5. For advanced tools such as detection of ore, metals, crude oil, etc.
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