Our Covid Business Continuity Plan

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At DesiCrew, we always had a disaster management plan for the sake of business continuity. But the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented impact, we evoked that plan with modifications. Even before the official lockdown by the local governments, we ensured our colleagues could stay safe and work from home as their health and continuing work are our highest priority. Before they started working from home, the computer, VPN, application connectivity were checked from the work location. Project cross-training was done as a resource backup plan. In order to avoid idle time due to power cuts, we also provided UPS for the employees who are using the Desktop PCs at their home. Our IT team also provides regular sessions on Data Security, System maintenance, etc to all our teammates.


How DesiCrew meets Challenges during Covid19

Internet Connectivity: Since most of our work locations are remote towns and villages in India, internet connectivity is the first thing we needed to check on. In places that lack a well-established wired internet connection, alternate arrangements were made through mobile internet ensuring connectivity and minimal disruption in work of our teammates. The internet packs are recharged by our HR team whenever needed.

Client Security: Client security is one of the most important factors to consider in any BCP. We made sure that the team is connected through the client provided VPN / remote machines. The project documents are maintained on the Cloud instead of a team member’s local systems. As a security measure, our Customers have also enabled Two-factor authentication to access some of their tools.

Effective Communication: This was possible thanks to the communications tools available in the market today. It also helped that our team worked from multiple locations even before the lockdown and already made use of effective remote communication. We are using Zoom, Webex, Team Viewer, Any Desk, Hangouts, Whatsapp, Slack, etc., for effectively communicating between our team and the customers as well as communicating between each other. These communications tools have helped us to bridge the gap effectively despite working from different locations.

Ethical Conduct: Ethical conduct is a very important aspect of every employee in the organization. Our team is adhering strictly to the company rules and policies. They use the HRMS tool promptly to note their work hours. They are flexible enough to even work in the early morning hours during which the net connectivity is good. We are very happy to assert that we still maintain the quality and on-time deliverables to our customers just like how it was before this pandemic.

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