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We all know artificial intelligence has always played a significant role when it comes to industries. But with the help of various technologies and innovation in the field of AI, it has recently begun to thrive in the field of healthcare as well. There is already so much research and prediction going on as to how AI will flourish in the upcoming years. Let’s look at how far the AI services have come up in their healthcare growth. 




There are various fields and departments in which AI has proved itself extraordinarily beneficial and emerged as a game-changer within the healthcare industry. Let’s have a look at some of the sectors in this blog: 




With the help of AI, several organizations have developed the idea of AI, delivering direct patient solutions. Right from giving advice to answering fundamental questions on various health issues, As multiple issues of the patient are dealt over the phone or through the internet by AI, this has emerged pretty helpfully in preventing a patient’s unnecessary trips to the hospital, especially in remote or under-served areas. Researchers are working upon developing this aspect even more useful by focusing more on patients’ safety and feasibility.




With the help of various information and research, the AI has successfully put its foot in research and discovery. Whether finding new treatments for existing medicines or an entirely new approach for potential therapies, AI solutions are emerging as extremely helpful as they are designed even to target critical threats such as viruses. This innovation will not only slow down the spread of diseases but will also give rise to successful drug development


Not just diseases and healthcare, AI has also proven its worth to doctors and clinicians. With its ability to go through vast amounts of patient data, AI is being a great support by helping them have a neat, systematic report of their patients. There are many benefits of this, such as preventing unnecessary trips to the hospital, wrong or repeated diagnosis, and readmission risks. The AI’s health record of patients also alerts the physician for patients who are at risk, which helps them to provide a timely diagnosis. 



Thanks to AI’s presence in the field of Radiology, several AI services and solutions are also developed for image analysis and diagnosis. This made a huge impact as several positive outcomes of this, such as reduced human errors, instant interpretation of a scan, tumor detection on MRIs and CTs, and preventing cancer formation, are all detected.

We at Desicrew are thrilled about the future of artificial intelligence in healthcare. While still a lot more accomplishments are yet to be done, we aspire with the vision of laying a substantial position in AI solutions. 


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