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AI is having a tremendous impact on the lives of human beings. Various speculations and hypotheses may come, but Artificial Intelligence has time and again always proved that it is more of a boon than bane. Amidst this crucial condition, have a look at how AI has become a part of the fight against Coronavirus. 


The novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus emerged from the city of Wuhan, China, last year and has since then caused a large-scale epidemic, spreading to more than 200 countries.

Despite its emergence in China, the country with its aggressive measures successfully managed to curb the disease to an extent. One of the measures is the successful incorporation of AI services





 We have seen drones in a photoshoot, weddings, coverage of some important gathering, etc. But China has come up with a new initiative of drones attached with loudspeakers requesting, alerting, and making announcements to all the residents in several areas to stay inside their home. 

In another instance, China successfully managed to detect the fever of people from the air itself. This was done with the help of thermal imaging. 

The news went viral all over the world. People are still surprised as to how the police, with the help of AI services, can have control over the whole country at one go, the way no other means of any movement has been allowed before. 

Drones have been deployed at various places to deliver food and light in hospitals, construction sites, and tall apartments.




Small, remote-controlled disinfectant tanks were launched to disinfect and prevent diseases throughout the country. The tank containers were seen on several streets of the northern part of China. Operated by staff wearing hazmat suits, these tanks could approximately disinfect around 50,000 square meters within an hour. These tanks were made sure to clean the areas which had been confirmed to have the most positive number of coronavirus cases. 




In February, it was discovered that self-driving UV Disinfection Robots are going to be shipped to China from Danish for hospital use. These devices emit concentrated UV-C light, which has a germicidal effect, thus able to kill airborne bacteria and viruses within the surfaces. With the help of an app, the cleaning staff directs the robot through various rooms and manages to disinfect within 10 minutes. More than 2000 hospitals are going to deploy these robots to protect themselves as well as their patients. 

These were very few among the many achievements of AI against Coronavirus. All these were used to reduce the risk of person – to – person contact, which will ultimately reduce the transmission of the virus. We know enough damage is already done. But still, without losing hope, China, with the help of AI services, has, to an extent, managed to curb the disease from further spreading. Right from deploying robots and drones to deliver, disinfect and spreading awareness, AI proved its’ worth. This also gives us an insight into the future where AI would be useful in so many instances and circumstances that humans can never think of. AI has proved to be efficient more than a human in this crucial pandemic.  

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