How transcription services can boost traffic?

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Nowadays, most media is available in the form of video or podcasts. This era is not about newspapers and magazines; the internet is shifting people to other forms of communication. But, the text is still the king of marketing, as the search engine web is built around the text. If your video or audio file is without content, it doesn’t exist in Google’s eyes. Potential buyers can’t find such files without content. Here come transcription services to your rescue. Video transcription services can transcribe the spoken words from a video or audio file to text. Let’s see the benefits of transcribing media:


      Make your Media SEO-Friendly:


High quality, informative, and SEO friendly content can get you to the top of Google. SEO is the most effective way of getting to the top in Google search. But, search engines can’t read video or audio files. Even the highest quality videos will remain unnoticed if they lack in content. Video title and description help search engines to find them. But full video transcription gives you hundreds and thousands of words to amplify your web presence more.


      Video Content Actually Boosts SEO:


Do you know that video is placed higher in search results? The reason behind this fact is that Google assumes video to be of more importance than a regular text post, as it takes more time to curate and produce a video than a simple text post. In such a case, transcription becomes an added value to boost SEO.


      Jump Start Additional Content:


You can augment the power of your videos with the help of blogs, articles, and eBooks. They are great tools for marketing. Transcript of video and audio files help in creating blogs or other modes of content effortlessly. Linking such blogs or articles to the video gives a real bang to the overall traffic. You can integrate targeted keywords and build your overall traffic.


      YouTube’s Auto-Captions Won’t Help:


Many people use YouTube’s auto-captioning function. But, it doesn’t help you with SEO as Google doesn’t track them for indexing. Therefore, it’s a terrible idea to think that auto-captioning can build traffic to your video. On the contrary, self-made captions are considered high quality and informative by search engines. 



      Help Employees Focus:


Employees can retain focus and increase productivity by getting scannable records of meetings and events with the help of transcription. Video transcription services help with everything from project management to repurposing a transcript into the marketing content. Visual memory is better and stronger than auditory memory. So, organizations can help their employees retain all the information better with transcripts of all auditory or visual training content.


      Increase Audience Engagement:


Video transcription services help increase audience engagement. You must remember that Google rewards videos and web pages that have longer viewing times. Having a diverse audience is key to success. But, how should one increase the chances of getting his video viral? The answer is, adding captions or subtitles can infinitely grow your potential audience, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing and those who prefer to read. You can even supercharge the traffic by adding foreign subtitles to your videos.


So, now you know the benefits of having your video transcribed. Feel free to contact us for the best transcription services. 

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