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This lockdown has made us all experience video calls, webinars, and seminars through online, meetings, workshops, and so on. While this is definitely helpful, there are times when a lot of us wouldn’t be able to follow throughout the session. Or worse some of us might even not be able to attend at all. Or many of us find it so beneficial that we might feel like taking notes or attending again. Whether it is a seminar or a business meeting or a college lecture or some other place; we all would have experienced scenarios where we wished we had a written copy of whatever is being spoken. We might have felt how things will become a lot easier when whatever the video says is offered in a transcribed document.


Thanks to technology, so many companies and fields have understood the importance of having a written copy which has paved the way for transcription services.

Before we dig deeper into why companies should have video transcription services, firstly, let us know what it is.




The process of converting audio/video files into a written document is known as Transcription. Transcription doesn’t simply mean the text version of all the words spoken in a video. A transcription is like having a full video experience without watching the video. For this, the transcriptionists have to first convert the video in audio format and then transcribe the audio for the output.




Humans are multitaskers. No doubt. But multitasking never means continuous tasking. Imagine humans putting all their energy, time, and effort to get the various documents from the audio files. Things will further worsen if those tasks are done by people who are not that professional. Thanks to transcription services, we can easily save not only our time and energy but can also minimize human errors. The best part is the results will be accurate and quick.




  • Most of the businesses/companies that involve a lot of client handlings will require the need for voice transcription services. Feedback, queries, requests, complaints, or voicemail messages, etc., transcribing those voicemails is essential to get the viewpoint of the customer to improve and perform better with our services.


  • While the audio can help visually challenged people, transcribing audio content into a text form can benefit the deaf or hearing impaired person, expanding the services to further new audiences.


There are times when what we hear seems entirely different from what was actually told. When normal people like us ourselves find such troubles, imagine the plight of people with hearing disabilities. But with the help of transcription services, we can easily share a transcribed document along with our original file to benefit everyone.


  1. A copy of transcribed content can help with voice-overs/ paper presentation/ explaining, etc., during meetings and seminars.
  2. Transcribing content also helps in the translation process which can be further used in different languages.
  3. Putting subtitles/ captions in a given video will require the need for transcription.
  4. Transcription services also improve in the area of Search Engine Optimization.
  5. It turns out that when you transcribe media such as podcasts, webinars, and videos and post them alongside your content, you could get some quick SEO benefits.
  6. You will probably find out that the most effective transcription tools do not come cheap. If you need to transcribe confidential or large volumes of recordings, you should go to a professional transcription company instead.


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