Why companies are turning to human intelligence for data labeling?

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The process of data labeling makes data understandable or recognizable to machines. There are two types of data annotation — manual and automated. Do you know data labeling is crucial for the ML and AI learning models? Let’s see the importance of data labeling.


Data labeling is crucial for machine learning. It is used for data preprocessing for ML. In supervised learning both input and output data are labeled for classification. It becomes the boon for future data processing.


Data labeling is also used in ML algorithms for autonomous vehicles. With the help of data labeling, self-driven cars are able to differentiate between a person, street, another car, the sky, etc. It enables the car’s artificial intelligence by labeling the key features of various objects or data points.





A massive amount of data is required for the foundation of reliable learning patterns in ML and deep learning systems. The data must be labeled based on the data features to produce the desired result. These labels must be highly informative, discriminative, and independent to create a quality algorithm. Such kinds of labeled data sets provide the ground truth for the ML model.


The high level of accuracy and quality is required for a quality algorithm. Errors in data labeling result in low quality of training dataset, and it badly affects the performance of any predictive models. The best way to mitigate this problem is to approach human intelligence.  Manual data labeling services in Chennai can get you a higher level of accuracy and quality of data.


A good data labeling team is well-versed in domain knowledge of the industry. Data labelers provide more accurate labels than automated labeling. They are flexible and agile for data labeling and ML as these both are iterative processes that demand more changes and information. Manual data labeling is indeed the most time-consuming, but it may be warranted for important applications with accurate results.


Often, companies use automatic data labeling to label the high volume of data in a very short time. Today, you can get numerous tools and software to annotate a large amount of data. Companies choose these platforms to train AI models as this software and tools are cheap or free to use. But, you cannot rely on such platforms if you want to train your AI model with a high level of accuracy for the right predictions when used in real-life.


On the other hand, manual data annotation is a human-powered annotation which leverages the cognitive skills to produce the best quality of data sets at a lower cost. Manual data labeling services in Chennai can assure you for the high-quality data sets for machine learning or AI model training.




  • In manually annotated data, each object is precisely annotated ensuring the quality at the best level.
  • After labeling the dataset passes through manual checking and validation.
  • To retain a higher level of accuracy, each data is cross-checked to ensure there are no errors, which is not possible in the automatic data labeling process.
  • Companies that provide the manual data annotation services have high-experienced annotators to annotate the data as per their documents.



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