Digital Transformation Myths Debunked

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Any organization is certain to downfall if leaders and decision-makers take decisions based on assumptions. In the tech-world myths create undesired impact. The same is the case with digital transformation myths. They can lead to an organization to an unintended future. The digital transformation service companies are focused to utilize new technologies, and capabilities to reap rewards. These myths need to be busted before they lead your business to catastrophic results.


Only C-suite executives are required for Digital Transformation:


One of the common myths is that digital transformation is the responsibility of the CEO, CIO, and CDO of an organization. But, in reality, it’s the responsibility of every individual in the organization. It helps to streamline business processes that impact every individual. C-suite executive alone can’t take this responsibility, all the stakeholders ranging from CEO, CIO, CDO, Mid-level managers, and other executives must be involved.


Making an Organization Digitized is Digital Transformation:


Often people think that adopting new technology is digital transformation. But, there is a huge difference between digitization and digital transformation.

Digitization refers to making a certain application or process automated, fast, and efficient to get reliable data that usually enable to cut costs.

Digital Transformation refers to a customer-centric and employee-centric value proposition. It enables cultural changes and business transformation by using technology as a medium.

You can say that it makes employee efficient, enhances the customer experience, improves the business process, and add value at each stage.


Digital Transformation is Once in a While Thing:


The myth that digital transformation is a one-time thing is far from the truth. Technology advances every day, so digital transformation goes through regular updates and transition in patches. These factors make it a continuous process. Organizations can see constant growth in revenue if they update their digital transformation infrastructure regularly. 


Digital Transformation will Create Immediate Impact:


Nothing can reap rewards overnight. Patience is the key to success. Digital transformation takes time to show results because it takes time for people to get used to newly implemented technology. One more factor is that most of the implemented applications also go through some major updates in the later stage.


Digital Transformation is a Financial Burden:


Considering digital transformation as a financial burden can lead to catastrophic results. It needs proper and efficient planning to manage resources. You can also execute it phase-wise to manage finances.


Digital Transformation will Bring Reforms on its Own:


One of the biggest digital transformation myths is that employees become experts post a few sessions of training. Employees need adequate time to adopt implemented applications. If they are unable to do so, then the whole initiative could get impacted negatively. Organizations can adopt tools to attain efficient digital adoption. Tools like online training, LXP, and DAP (Digital Adoption Platform) are available. With the help of such tools, your employees get familiar with the new software product, adopt it quickly, and ensure better ROI. Digital transformation services companies ensure that digital transformation initiatives don’t get wasted, and your investment pays off.


Bottom Line:


We are currently under the technological boom, and leaders must overcome these digital transformation myths to reap maximum benefit. It should be executed on time to ensure your investment well pays off.


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