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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken almost the whole of this year 2020. With various unexpected and sudden decisions happening all around the world, we can never know what the next episode will bring for us. According to several recent studies, due to this pandemic, the field of digital transformation has tremendously grown; and already experienced more growth in the last months than it has ever seen within the past 20 years. 


On the one hand, we can see various workers and small-scale industries nearing their closures. And on the other, the economy is evolving in the name of innovation. Right now, with the whole world locked inside and operating through technology, the digital transformation has impacted almost all the sectors in the world, such as the internet, telecom services, health sectors, etc.



Given the current scenario of our whole world and the way it is moving forward, it is sure that things are definitely not going to be back the old way. Like mentioned before, digital transformation has a tremendous effect throughout the world. Those firms, organizations, etc., that were a part of this digital world are actually more critical and under pressure. And those firms and organizations that were not transformed digitally are getting paralyzed. 


 When it comes to data, AI, and technology, the good news is they are not ending or going somewhere but are going to grow, adapt, and become more necessary and essential than ever. Post-2020, almost every sector in the world will be digitized. 



Our ability to communicate without the internet is rapidly coming to zero. We are so much connected and relied on the internet in so many ways, such as:


  •  Work from home
  •  Online shopping
  •  Food
  •  Basic needs
  •  Video calls/ calls
  •  Texts over social media, etc.



AI, with the help of automation, tracks social contact, lets people know when they are sick, and informs the government and healthcare about the infections before spreading. Automation through drones, robots, remote-control applications, etc., is also growing these days. 


The world right now and post coronavirus will hesitate to handshake touch things and is definitely going to make social distancing mandatory. No-touch technologies are one such invention that will help people to not fall sick often by not letting them touch many things. Some of the examples are:


  • Automatic doors/ Elimination of door handles
  • Payments without signing,
  • Touchless faucets

In short, we should accept the fact that our mindset and behaviors have already started to change. The world is never going to be the same because this pandemic will definitely have some huge, lasting effects.


Right now, the whole world is finding ways to stable ourselves. Once done, we will shift our focus and try to change and make other things such as policies, technologies, etc get accustomed accordingly. But clearly, it is quite evident that the world’s requirement for digital technology and digital transformation on service companies will keep growing and soaring to great heights. 

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