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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken almost the whole of this year 2020. With various unexpected and sudden decisions happening all around the world, we can never know what the next episode will bring for us. According to several recent studies, due to this pandemic, the field of digital transformation has tremendously grown and already experienced more growth in the last months than it has ever seen in the last 20 years. On the one hand, we can see various workers and small-scale industries, nearing their closures. And on the other, the economy is evolving in the name of innovation. Right now, with the whole world locked inside and operating through technology, the digital transformation has impacted almost all the sectors in the world such as the internet, telecom services, health sectors, etc.

Let’s have a look at some impact of the digital transformation services on companies:

-The ‘work from home’ concept, which was a dream come true to many, has now turned into a headache; affecting both professional and personal life. It is one of the reasons for initiating ‘video conferencing’ and ‘teleconsultations’ within the work culture.


-The door deliveries of eatables and online orders are more than usual during these quarantine days which were done keeping social distancing and maintaining hygiene in mind.

-Things which were done for relaxation, in between breaks and entertainment such as TV, Mobile, Social media, etc., have become a necessity; unavoidable.



Coronavirus is mutating and getting stronger day by day. Hence one could say that there would not be any sudden medical miracle out of the blue, but very slowly, in steps, things will get back to normal. By looking at everything that is happening around us, it seems that it will take plenty of time for the world to return back to normalcy. Even after becoming normal, it won’t be the same old days as it is said that we need to accept and adjust with Coronavirus.

The beginning of the pandemic was swift. With too many people dying, so many companies and businesses getting closed, the future seemed difficult and uncertain. As days passed by, we all stopped blaming, spreading rumors, and getting scared. People started understanding the situation and tried to approach it from a different angle. Instead of hoping things get sorted within this year, we all are praying for 2021 to be the year of hope. It is expected that serious measures such as policymaking, etc., on bringing solutions to the problems and losses that happened during this crisis will be made.


How our present has changed and the future is going to be? Get to know about these on our next blog.

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