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AI, short for Artificial Intelligence is a term that may have been alien to our ancestors, but it has now become a term we use in our daily lives. Gone are the days when we manually calculated our expenses, used the printed maps to find our destination, counted our footsteps while we walked, and handpicked our choice of songs and movies because all these tasks are now spearheaded by AI.


Before going any further, let’s understand what Artificial Intelligence actually means, because as used as it is in today’s world, many don’t know what the term AI encompasses within it. To put simply, Artificial


Intelligence is the process in which the computer is trained to think, act and process data like humans through the creation and application of various algorithms built for a computing environment with a sole purpose to assist humans in their everyday tasks.


There is no doubt that the amount of data that is generated collectively by humans and machines outmatches the humans ability to incorporate, understand, and make complex decisions taking into consideration the data provided. And in this process, if you tend to skip important information the entire decision process can be faltered.


Artificial intelligence forms the basis of computer learning and has also paved their way into the future of complex decision making.


The next point that keeps us thinking is that why is AI important and how will it be useful for us in the future.

AI influences business: Let’s begin with an example, most of the people know the art of winning the tic-tac-toe game, even though there are tons of unique moves out of which many lead us towards a draw. Far fewer people would be able to ace the art of playing a game of chess or checkers because our brain can only calculate a limited amount of permutations and combinations.


 With the assistance of AI, the task of calculating the permutations and combinations, counting the risk and undertaking a proper SWOT analysis for the business becomes a simple task.


Companies, old and new, use AI to collect data about customer requirements, likes and dislikes which inturn will help the company create products or services that suit the requirement of the customers.


AI takes care of your health: We all yearn for a healthy lifestyle, and we do like to keep a tab on the calories we burn while doing our daily activities. Various companies with the help of AI technology have created watches, fitbit bands and applications that have managed to help the people who are conscious about their


 It keeps a tab on the amount of calories one consumes during a day to how much calories they lose per day. It also checks your sleep patterns, heart rate, etc.


Day to Day Influences of AI: There were days when we had to use a EICHER map to travel from one destination to another by car, but those days are long gone. A EICHER map has now been replaced by AI supported GPS on your smartphones which tracks your live location and tells you the real time distance between your current location to that of the


Virtual assistants like Alexa and Cortana respond to all our queries and fulfill all our requests in a jiffy of seconds. OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime and music applications such as Spotify, Gaana, create playlists on a daily basis keeping in consideration the taste of the person listening to the song or watching the series.


AI has become an integral part of our daily lives and life without it is now impossible.

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