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Data Is The Basis
Future software systems will consist of information systems, cyber-physical components and AI-based systems. Companies must develop all of these systems in an integrated manner. The aim of the AI-based applications is to recognize relationships in data or to automatically classify large amounts of data. The development of these applications requires a different project structure and different specialist knowledge on the part of those involved compared to classic IT solutions.Paying attention to these differences when setting up and implementing projects is crucial for success.

What Is Possible With Artificial Intelligence?


Object Recognition

Object recognition enables objects of any kind, such as people, or purchases to be recognized from data. Various data sources can be used for this: images, video streams, data from the ERP system, measurement data from the research department or purchasing data from your web shop. We develop object recognition systems using the latest state-of-the-art technologies. These systems can relieve your team of tasks that would otherwise take weeks, months or years.


Data Analysis and Prediction

Artificial Intelligence can be used for a variety of data analysis. The anomaly detection enables special events to be identified and predicted. Do you use business intelligence dashboards like Tableau? Enhance your reporting with predictions that map and predict the risks of your company and learn automatically over time.

Process Automation

Many processes and systems that are not easily captured by “traditional” software are suitable for being solved more efficiently by AI-integrated systems. 


Our Process Model


Data Driven

The experts develop AI systems on the basis of existing data. Does the database provide the necessary information? Availability, quality, origin, consistency, and also the legal framework for use are an issue.



AI-based systems do not arise in a vacuum. Without knowing the specifics of your own company and your own industry, no meaningful applications arise. The perspective of the specialist department is just as important as the AI expertise. 


The evaluation and use of Machine Learning and AI technologies, the use of tools for data analysis and knowledge for developing algorithms: These skills play the decisive role in AI projects.


Can Artificial Intelligence Be Used in My Area?
Artificial Intelligence is data-driven – if your company has a data set, it is a question of technology to exploit the potential it contains. That is why Artificial Intelligence works wherever data can be found

What Can I Expect From the Solution?

Our team designs AI systems using modern software industry practices. For us this means – test coverage, quality and performance. Our systems can also be operated on huge data centers as well as on smartphones and IoT devices. AI / machine learning is also exploratory – hidden connections in data and new possibilities can almost always be recognized, which creates greater added value.


Do More With AI and Data
Use AI & data in your company like the internet giants do. With the help of new scientific breakthroughs, DesiCrew develops an individual AI solution for you that lets your data work for you.

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