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Artificial Intelligence has managed to create an important change in the field of Medical Technology. The advent of AI has immensely contributed to the growth of medical technology. The increasing surge of technology in the field of medicine has helped the doctors, and hospitals to create various technologies to treat the patients in a fruitful way with maximum success rate.


Artificial Intelligence has boosted the medical technology of India and has made the name of Indian Medtech in the global scenario.


Let’s have a look at how AI is changing the Medtech Industry of India and abroad!


Detecting disease at an early stage: Previously, the fundamental reason for maximum death was the delayed detection of diseases. The disease was either detected late or never detected due to the lack of proper medical instruments. Life-threatening diseases such as Cancer would go unnoticed, and untreated due to a lack of proper treatment facilities.


The introduction of technology in the field of medicine has spurred the detection method, by detecting the disease early and giving adequate treatment, the doctors now manage to treat the disease with a better success rate.


Medical Imaging Process: In the process of providing the right diagnosis to the patient, the doctor prescribes multiple image processing tests to analyze the condition of the patients. These tests include MRI Scan, CT Scan, ECG, PET Scan, etc, which provide a better understanding of the patient’s condition. AI in Medtech has proved impressive accuracy in determining imaging abnormalities, analyzing even those deformities which may be missed otherwise.


Strengthening telehealth capabilities: Keeping in mind the COVID-19 situation, visiting a doctor on a regular basis isn’t feasible and nor advisable. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, telehealth services have come in handy in this condition. In addition to that the people who reside in villages or far from the city find it is difficult to commute to the hospital, telehealth comes across as a savior for them. The telehealth app helps the patients to see the doctor face to face through any gadget. This medium is suitable for patients with less to mild illness.


Stimulating the drug and vaccine discovery method: There is no doubt about the fact that AI in Medtech has accelerated the discovery process of drugs or vaccines. Something that used to take numerous years to be discovered and be provided to the public is now being discovered within a period of months or a few years owing to the use of artificial intelligence in the process of discovery. The best example of this can be seen in the discovery of the COVID-19 vaccine which has been found within a period of 10 months. A feat like this would be unimaginable without the existence of AI.


Virtual Assistants: Artificial Intelligence has become a major help for both physicians and patients when it comes to virtual assistance. When it comes to a physician, AI assists the physician in taking down all essential notes about the patient, and his condition, while also processing the data and accessing the records.


Here are a few reasons why Artificial Intelligence in the Medtech Industry has brought a major change in the industry.

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