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Desicrew Solutions offers audio transcription service to the US based global community working to improve Artificial Intelligence.

Vertical: Translation

Process: Dialog correction


The client was a US based global community working to improve Artificial Intelligence. The company believes in order to make Machine Learning more accurate, it is necessary to train AI by humans. Because Desicrew Solutions has an expertise and experience in the fields like transcription correction, dialog collection, speech recognition and machine learning, it stands out to be a perfect outsourcing partner for the clients.

The client had a high volume of data related to audio transcriptions in regional language which they wanted to get corrected. The client was looking for an outsourcing partner to correct the transcription errors, tag the data accurately and transliterate a certain set of words as per the guidelines provided by the client. This task of transcription in regional language and transliteration has to be completed in a very limited duration of time.


Client, as per their requirement, sent the data and guidelines to Desicrew. We arranged full time resources in a very short period of time to correct the dialogues with accurate tagging as per client specification and on the client web portal. With the speed with which the data was processed, the client further added transliteration tasks where a certain set of words has to be transliterated in the source language itself. Desicrew completed over 3 lakhs of tasks just within 75 days.

With efficiency to follow the tight deadline, accuracy in the work, speed of delivery, client further given the next project on speech recognition, a part of Machine learning to Desicrew.

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