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What is translation?Translation is the process of converting words or text from one language into another, but it is not always as simple or literal as it seems. Translating does not mean that simply converting all the words into another language. It is also a transition from one culture to another. Even though the most spoken language is English , our native language plays an important role in effective communication and creating ideas. Translation help us to get the information in our native language. There are two types of translation.

Human translation and machine translation

Human translation means translating text manually using their brainpower. Human translation is that original ideas and thoughts are presented in a way that the reader and listener get an understanding of the context, emotions, meaning and ideas which are included in the texts. A person who knows both the languages ,taking text in one language and then converting it to a different language as accurately as possible.

Machine Translation  means some software doing automatic translation e.g. Google Translate, Rian . When you type a word or copy a paragraph into an online translation platform , you will get the output within a fraction of seconds. Since Machine Translation tools are easily available and accessible for free in their computer , laptop or smart phone, would machine translation replace human translation is an emerging question? Now several translation tools are available in online. But are they reliable as human translators?

Here are some reasons on why human translation will never replace over machines.

Accuracy level

When we think human translation vs machine translation the main concern is at what extent machine translation quality will meet human translation quality.

Good translation requires decision on choosing appropriate words. Human mind can find out the the right intent of words. Let us look an example, the word “light” has different meanings in the English .Based on the context human translator can choose appropriate word . But machines cant perform this task.

Incorporate Creativity

Translation is form of creative rewriting. It need intelligence, imagination, thinking, and knowledge about the topic . Machines will never have these qualities .Without knowing the actual context, translation into an another language may leads to utter nonsense. Slogans, proverbs and quotes often make sense with human translation only. Literal messages will not work out always, Human translation substitute the phrase with the most acceptable alternatives.

Cultural aspects

Actually the thing is translation is highly subjective and it is not just converting text from a source language to another language .It is also about conveying message, and culture. Machines can not be understand the emotions, feelings and culture of humans.

Machine translation do an excellent job of saving our time. For a quality translation human intelligence is required. Machines can’t get the meaning of a text or conversation.

Machine translation ruins the beauty of translation with literal translation. Literal translation might attribute to miscommunication.

Government of India established a National Translation Mission (NTM) at 2008.

This is a scheme of Government of India to establish translation more popular and useful to the common man . Several efforts have been made to orient translators, encourage publishers to publish journals in different Indian languages . NTM seeks to establish translation as an industry in India.

Desicrew has a team of experienced translators who are capable of delivering high quality human translation work to the client. Our expertise is in translating to and from English and multiple Indian languages which includes reports, legal documents, and brochures. Desicrew solutions helps our our clients to translate their digital content to communicate with a large volume of target audience in 20+ Indian languages.

  • Qualified and experienced translators

  • High quality translation that conveys the proper meaning to your target audience

  • Proper translation structure and formatting .

  • Quality check by experts

  • Speedy delivery

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