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Team DesiCrew

Spearheading the data generation

Incubated out of IIT-Madras, DesiCrew’s journey began in 2007, with an intent of creating IT-based jobs in rural areas. At DesiCrew we ensure seamless delivery of high-quality business process solutions for our clients. The consistent and flexible service we provide to our clients, our cost effective business model and the qualified talent and resources we leverage at every location – help in delivering business value to our clients at every step – from BFSI to start-ups to Ecommerce giants.

We believe… therefore we deliver

Aligning our solutions

We believe in staying agile and being flexible to align the solutions based on our customer requirements.

Process & quality focus

Constantly working towards optimizing our business processes, technology infrastructure so as to reduce the time to make decisions and arrive at solutions.


(DesiCrew-Transforming Our Crew for Human Excellence) is our learning program that enables everyone in the organization to learn and certify themselves in the customer centric skill sets.

Why Us

10 years and 1 billion transactions later, Starting our story since 2007 and 1 billion transactions later,
the stable workforce at Desicrew is ready to serve you best.
At DesiCrew we have negligible attrition rates thereby reducing information security risks.

Data Security

Every process has its own BCP (Business Continuity Plan) which is discussed with and approved by the customer at the time of transition. Apart from this we have a DR (Disaster Recovery) system in place to make sure that there is no loss of data for any of the processes.

Automation Tools

In our continued search for leveraging solutions for our customers, we have established a partnership with a fellow IITM incubated environment to leverage automation tools and solutions for each industry segment.

How is DesiCrew better than the traditional outsourcing
and online market places ?
 Traditional OutsourcingCrowd SourcingDesiCrew
End to End Delivery Ownership
Hire Small Terms (5-15) X
Secure locations with IP protection X
Reliable and stable workforce X
Price $20-30 an hour $10-$15 an hour $5-$6 an hour
Quick online buying and on boarding X
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