AI Based Cloud Operations

Low Touch IT Operations Powered with AIOps

Transform your IT Operations with Artificial Intelligence

To address the quickly evolving business demands in a complex data-oriented environment, today’s ITOps team cannot continue to rely on the old-style monitoring and automation approaches. With the AIOps platform coupled with Specialist Engineers, the ITOps can leverage the capabilities that enable better service delivery, increased efficiency, and reduced costs.


Why should IT Organizatons adopt AIOps?

AIOps is defined as software systems that combine big data and machine learning functionality to enhance and partially replace a broad range of IT operations processes and tasks.

Traditional IT Operations tools are not enough for the modern IT environment. AIOps platform and Intelligent BOTs are purpose-built for modern IT to optimize the cost of IT Operations.

It may take a few years before AIOps becomes commonplace, savvy IT organizations should adopt it right now and accelerate IT transformation ahead of competitors.



  • AI-enabled, analytics helps to make better and faster decisions.
  • Better SLA levels and faster IT service delivery.
  • Cognitive automation helps to improve the speed and accuracy of operations.
  • Free-up resources from operational tasks and focus on more strategic activities

Key AIOps Requirements from IT Organizations

The basic idea behind AIOps is to use the power of machine learning to provide prescriptive analytics and cognitive automation.

The integrated AIOps platform, brings (1) observe, (2) engage, (3) act, and (4) govern capabilities, that enable support on a proactive basis instead of reactive firefighting mode.


The top AIOps requirements from IT Organizations are

End-to-End Capabilities

The AIOps platform should be complete, well-integrated, and not built from using various point products from different vendors.

Coexists with existing IT Ops stack

The AIOps solution should co-exist with the existing management stack and evolve over a period.

Easy to Use AI Engine Interface

This helps to simplify the complexities of Artificial Intelligence and leverage the existing skillset, the IT Ops teams are expecting low learning curve platforms.

Scale and optimize with business growth

 Tailor-fit automation and virtual SRE’s-based service delivery is a crucial scaling requirement for IT Ops team.

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