AI/ML Services

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    An end-to-end service covering collection, design, large-scale field operation, data QA, and annotation with 10+ years of expertise

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    Truly global coverage of markets with a dedicated team of 1000+ people and access to our curated crowd teams across continents.

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    Sophisticated data collection tools integrated with data processing platforms to enable rapid scaling of collection and annotation

Everyone needs data. But who can ensure relevant data?

DesiCrew offers creation of training data sets (data/voice) covering multiple domains, languages and regions across the world. DesiCrew can collect and label high volumes of image, text, speech, audio and video data used to build and improve artificial intelligence systems.

Computer Vision


Data Analytics


At DesiCrew, we strive to collate, classify, process and enhance your data. There are smart tools and data scientists at work on making this a reality. Today, Digital content has become the DNA of organizations. Any digital content that is consumed by the customer goes through various stages of processing. We provide data analytics services that encompass the process of the delivery of digital services from the point of origin (content provider) to destination (consumer).

We address multiple domains, different time zones at a global scale.

Digital BPM/IT Services

Digital adventure. Transformation assured.

Managing, interpreting, converting and analysing important data at the right time can add tremendous business value. Timely data presented in the right format, more often than not, veers the organization in making decisions across functional areas that can drive the business forward. While this realm is primarily process driven, there is a very high need for accuracy, quality and speed. At DesiCrew we can manage and support all digital BPM services.

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