The Desicrew Impact

Step towards society and sustainability

Towards socio-economic evolution

At DesiCrew, we have a vision for stimulating inclusive growth in India. This can be realized by creating meaningful opportunities that create better and sustainable lives. We are aligned to UNSDGs in key goals. At DesiCrew, our very foundation is oriented towards creating a positive socio-economic impact. We believe in building the long-term employability skills of our employees, thereby empowering them towards a financially and socially secure future. Through various employee engagement and training programs we enable them to be more efficient in their current and future responsibilities.

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Eradication of poverty

DesiCrew’s model of creating employment is perceived by most as poverty eradicating. A large number of our employees act as the major source of income for their families. The company as a rural BPO has created several jobs for said community across delivery centers in different locations. More than half of the employees noticed family expenditure has increased since joining us and are able to comfortably meet basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing.

Gender equality

For gender Equality: DesiCrew employees unanimously appreciate our efforts in regard to issues about gender parity and women empowerment. All genders are treated fairly and subject to equal employment terms. Infact majority employees comprise of young women and more than 90% say that woman are encouraged and supported to take leadership roles by DesiCrew. Almost 90% of them would recommend DesiCrew to other women looking for a job.

Decent work and economic growth

An employment at DesiCrew assures a progressive career and several learning avenues for employees. Factors like Equal Pay, Employee State Insurance, PF Savings, Maternity Leave et al, makes DesiCrew a significant institution in the villages.

Reduced inequalities

By creating employment for rural women and men alike, DesiCrew is contributing in reducing income inequality among genders. By hiring people with disability, DesiCrew is assisting some of them to meet their health expenditure. 4% of the respondents said they used most of their income for health expenses. 11.2% of the respondents said they have some form of disability. By promoting inclusion of all regardless of social status, economic status, age, gender, race, religion or disability, DesiCrew is reducing inequalities. For example, DesiCrew is currently hosting interns from East Africa.

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